I have become addicted to trying out new coffee varieties when I travel, and I am wont to pick up a bag of coffee when I visit a new place and bring it home to try later. This is a list of all the coffees that I have tried and in order of how much they make me happy. It’s not a strict order since it’s hard to compare different roasts and varieties directly but I’ll tell why it is higher in the list than others. Note I prefer my coffee without cream and sugar, and my prepared method of brewing is Aeropress Go at home and on the road. I do agree that a well done pour over is delightful, but the effort and resources required put it a notch below the simplicity of the Aeropress. French Press gives a different feel, but with the concerns about dipterines, I’ve held off. I’ll write a post on preferred coffee brewing methods someday.

Groundwork Angel City Blend

If I am to choose one coffee for every day drinking, it is the clean mellow chocolatey flavor of Angel City from Los Angeles roaster Groundwork. It’s smooth and well balanced. Not too citrusy, not too bitter. As a blend it’s reasonably priced and very consistent.

Otis Guatemala

I recently have entered a Guatemala roast kick and this was started when I was in Lafayatte, Colorado and tried a cup of the roaster Otic Craft Collective. If you are in the area, the coffee shop is a spacious welcoming place worthy of ordering a cup and doing some work, reading a book or just chatting with friends. They have a small patio as well. But back to the coffee, this roast is smooth with just a nutty woody end that makes it more aggressive but not belligerent. There isn’t any bitterness. It could be that this roast is optmized for Aeropress, but you can’t go wrong.

Groundwork Single Origin Ethiopian

Groundwork Guatemala

Gimee Coffee Guatamala

Ithaca Coffee Ithaca is Gorges Blend